In my paintings I aim to express my experience of nature and my surroundings based on my own personal observations and feelings.

My paintings are spontaneous, energetic and expressive. I always work on several paintings simultaneously allowing each painting to evolve with time.

I like to explore relationships between colours, surfaces, forms and textures. My work is intuitive, instinctive and exploritary. Rather than mirroring the landscape or a still life my aim is to capture the essence of the subject and the experience that it leaves me with.




Seth Colin was born in London in 1969, and spent his formative years in the West Country of England. Seth studied Graphic / Illustration at Brighton University 1990 / 93 where he recieved a Bachelor of Arts degree. Since 1993 Seth has lived and worked in Germany. His paintings are widely collected by private collectors in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.




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